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Take your toaster oven from sidekick to superhero with 100+ streamlined recipes that save time and energy and make your cooking life easier.

A toaster oven can do much more than make toast! Essentially a countertop oven, it can bake, roast, and broil (some have convection and air fryer features)--plus it heats up faster than a regular oven, uses less energy, and takes up less space, making it an efficient way to cook and bake in small batches. In Toaster Oven Perfection we show the many ways to put this workhorse to work, from baking mini meatloaves, pizza, and chicken parts to roasting vegetables, and offer recipes tested across a range of models to be sure it will work in yours.

Our sheet-pan dinners for two utilize every inch of your toaster oven's pan (think Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans, Drive-in Burgers and Fries, and Roasted Salmon with Boy Choy). And we've hacked the toaster oven by learning which other pans perform best in it (such as loaf pans, even casserole dishes) with delicious results like Loaf Pan Lasagna and Chicken Pot Pie. What about air frying? If your toaster oven has that function, we indicate which recipes take full advantage of it and give proper cook times.

Enlist your toaster oven to roast up a vegetable side dish (no jostling for oven space) with recipes for Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and more. Bake easy appetizers like wings, mini quiches, and granola (tastier and fresher than store-bought). And embrace the joys of small-batch baking, from sheet-pan pizza and ramekin fruit desserts to freeze-and-bake cookies and scones: bake off a couple at a time and they'll always come out hot and fresh.

We also draw upon our extensive testing of toaster ovens to help you navigate the variety of models available and give top tips for any toaster, including how best to use each feature and which features to ignore).

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