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In college or college bound, the importance of algebra in an academic career is so large it can determine your future path and college major. This solid prerequisite course can pave the way for better grades throughout school whether math is second nature or a challenge, and in either case this is your go-to reference for answers at your fingertips all in 6 durably laminated pages. The math experts at ExpoLog, who write and edit for textbook publishing companies and who have authored many best selling and highly reviewed QuickStudy math guides authored the targeted content that is the backbone of support you need at a price lower than any college level study tool you will find anywhere, making it easy to add this guide to your college success toolbox.
6 page laminated reference guide includes:
Integers & Exponents
Order of Operations

Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities
Types of Expressions
Translating Expressions
Simplifying Expressions with Like Terms
Linear Equations
Linear Inequalities

Relations & Functions
Define Relations
Finding Domain & Range
Four Ways to Represent a Relation
Identifying Functions
Function Notation
Operations with Functions
Graphing Linear Functions

Rational Expressions & Equations
Simplifying Rational Expressions
Operations with Rational Expressions
Solving Rational Equations

Finding Square Roots
Finding Odd & Even k-th Roots
Operations with Radicals

Identifying by Terms

Solve Quadratic Equations
Square Roots
Completing the Square
Quadratic Formula

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