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Bernstein, Andrew / Breaking The Stress Cycle

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“A wonderful, accessible how-to manual for regular people wanting to feel better” (Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, author of Potatoes Not Prozac), The Myth of Stress is the revolutionary guide to effectively and naturally reduce stress in all areas of life.

With seismic shifts in the global economy and a world health crisis affecting how we work, travel, and live, stress has become a common aspect of everyday life. Yet, nearly every available stress-reduction plan is based on a misconception—that stress is triggered by our circumstances.

Research has shown that outside stressors do not actually trigger the physical and emotional reactions related to stress. In other words, stress comes from your thoughts about your circumstances. More specifically, stress is created by a particular kind of thinking that humans happen to excel at. Using a program developed by Andrew Bernstein called ActivInsight you will discover how to change these patterns of thinking. Effectively used by major corporations, The Myth of Stress reveals a simple seven step guide that can help you through some of the most challenging experiences of modern life in a matter of minutes.

“A compelling, compassionate book” (Geneen Roth, author of Women Food and God), The Myth of Stress will permanently alter the way you relate to challenges—at school, at work, and at home—in order to live a happier and healthier life.

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