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DK, / Smithsonian History of the World Map by Map

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A uniquely illustrated guide to the history of our world.

Witness our incredible human story unfold – from the very first people in Africa to the collapse of Communism and beyond – exquisitely charted map by map.

Come on a journey through global history, told in 130 specially made maps that each offer a window on a key event. Step into the action and follow Ghengis Khan sweeping through China, Napoleon conquering Europe, and two world wars raging across the globe. See empires rise and fall – from the Egyptians and the Aztecs to the British Empire and the Soviet Union.

History of the World Map by Map also explains how elements of civilization, such as writing, printing, and toolmaking, came into being and spread from one country to another. It tells of the rise of the world’s great religions and of human endeavor such as the voyages of early explorers. It charts stories of adversity such as the abolition of slavery and shows how people have always migrated for a better life, from the very first humans moving across Africa, to millions of 19th-century Europeans crossing the Atlantic in search of the American dream.

Endorsed by renowned broadcaster and historian Peter Snow, this is an unmissable visual guide to ancient, medieval, and modern history in all corners of the world.

Series Overview: The Map by Map series uses specially commissioned maps on which to lay out the story of historic events, from the emergence of civilizations to localized battles.

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