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Hartse, Joel Heng / TL;DR

SKU 9780774839143 / TL;DR: A Very Brief Guide to Reading and Writing in University / Hartse
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You’ve just been assigned your very first university paper, but you don’t know how to begin. Stressed about failing? Worried that you’ll have to pull an all-nighter to get the work done on time? And what even is APA style? When you’re already dealing with information overload, how can you possibly craft a paper well so you get the results you need? If you feel uncertain, stuck, or overwhelmed, be encouraged, because this book has the tools you need to own that assignment! TL;DR’s quick, simple chapters will help you identify your audience, create an outline, get a handle on grammar and sentence structure, correctly quote a source, and write a strong conclusion. Written with simplicity and flexibility in mind, TL;DR can be used as an alternative or supplement to a textbook, a self-study guide, and a quick reference for specific writing topics. If you want to know what professors expect you to write – and why – so you can get those grades with as little pain as possible, this is the book for you.

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): This book will show you how to write better papers, and it’s short, so you should read it!

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