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Karelas, Andreas / Climate Courage

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For the 68% of Americans concerned about climate change, Climate Courage shows how to find common ground across political divides and take meaningful action in their communities.

There's a new way of approaching climate change that no one is talking about. It's empowering citizens, uplifting communities, and it's changing the fate of our planet. Moreover, it's helping us live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Most importantly, it's working.

The new approach to climate change recognizes that people, not politics, are the agents of change that can create a sustainable world. And that in order to engage people in climate solutions, we need a new way of framing the problem.

The problem is not that climate change is an insurmountable challenge--it's that it can seem like it is. In Climate Courage, Karelas introduces the communities, individuals, and organizations that have been a part of successful climate solutions over the last few years. At its core, this book is about showing that solutions to climate change are within our grasp and are already happening in countless communities around the country, regardless of political affiliation. This book brings a hopeful message that we don't often hear about--we're actually already on our way to solving the climate crisis and with more people involved in both big and small ways we will have a chance at preserving our environment. And it gives you the tools to join them.

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