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Lewis, Jack / Science of Sin, The

SKU 9781472936158 / Science of Sin, The: Why We Do The Things We Know We Shouldn't / Lewis
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Inside the science behind why we do the things we know aren't good for us.

The Science of Sin brings together the latest findings from neuroscience research to shed light on the universally fascinating subject of temptation--where it comes from, how to resist it and why we all succumb from time to time. With chapters inspired by the seven deadly sins, neurobiologist Jack Lewis illuminates the neural battles between temptation and restraint that take place within our brains, suggesting strategies to help us better manage our most troublesome impulses with the explicit goal of improving our health, our happiness and our productivity.

Anyone who has ever wondered why they never seem to be able to stick to their diet, who marvels at how little work some of their colleagues get away with doing, who despairs at the anti-social behavior of their teenagers, who can't understand how cheaters can juggle extra-marital affairs, who struggles to resist the lure of the comfy sofa and the giant bag of chips, or who makes themselves thoroughly bitter by endlessly comparing themselves to others--this book is for you.

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