Using Your TCard and UTORid at the Bookstore

Did you know that your TCard and UTORid have some special uses at the UofT Bookstore? Discover them below!

Newly Admitted Fall 2024 Students: Get your UTORid by August 9th to be eligible for a $200 UofT Bookstore Gift Card

If you are a new University of Toronto student starting an undergraduate or graduate program in Fall 2024, activate your UTORid by August 9th, 2024 to be eligible to win one (1) of three (3) $200 UofT Bookstore Gift cards!*

For more information on how to get your TCard and activate your UTORid, visit:

*For more details on Student Life's UTORid UofT Bookstore gift card draw, visit:

Pay With Your TCard+ (St. George & Scarborough Campus Only)

Your TCard+ can be used as a method of payment at the UofT Bookstore at the St. George Campus as well as the UTSC Bookstore at the Scarborough Campus. You can use your TCard+ to purchase textbooks, school supplies, U of T clothing, snacks or beverages and other items.**

Your TCard+ is more than just your ID or Library card. Students, faculty and staff can swipe and pay using their existing TCard for goods and services across the St. George and Scarborough Campuses. To learn more and to load funds, please visit the TCard+ website.

**TCard+ Funds cannot be used at the Bookstore to purchase gift cards, technology hardware, TTC tokens and passes, or for transactions at the Canada Post and PenguinPickUp outlets in-store.

Find Your Course Materials With Your UTORid

The UofT Bookstore makes it easy to find the course materials you need for your classes. Head over to our Course Materials Page to access our lookup tool and view your custom shopping list.