Thesis Binding

To place an order:

The U of T Bookstore is happy to help you acquire bound copies of your thesis. We can both print and bind your thesis, or bind copies of your thesis printed elsewhere.

To get an estimate of cost for this service, complete the form in the Submit Request tab. An estimate will appear at the bottom of the form based on the information you provide. Information about Binding Styles can be found below.

Thesis Binding Timing (after Printing complete)

Standard Timescale: 7 – 10 business days

Once we have your printed thesis, we send your thesis to our offsite bindery, and it will be back ready for you in 7 to 10 business days.

Rush Service: 4 business days NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19

We also offer a rush service for the thesis to be ready in 4 business days. (Bindery processes mean that this time cannot be shortened further). For this there will be a charge of an additional 50% of the total. If you'd like this option, please let us know when contacting us. Please note: rush service is ONLY available for hardcover books.

Thesis Binding Guide
  1. Submit the form in the Submit Request tab. For style information, see below
  2. Provide a printed copy of your thesis (We can print it! The Thesis Printing tab has details.)
  3. Bookstore confirms pricing; you pay for the services chosen.
  4. Bookstore sends the copies of the thesis out to the bindery
  5. You get a call and pick up your bound theses after 7-10 business days.

Styles of binding

  1. Hardcover Binding (sometimes called casebound books)
    1. Standard – the most common choice
    2. Jones- required for some engineering programs; has more information on the cover than Standard
    3. A4 – non-standard size
  2. Extras available for Hardcover Bindings
  3. Softcover Binding (less expensive options)
    1. Limp
    2. Coil
    3. Cerlox

Hardcover Binding

All our hardcover books are hand sewn and made of Buckram, a stiff cloth made of cotton (and occasionally linen depending on the colour) which has been used to cover and protect books for hundreds of years.

Cover Colours available:

The STANDARD and JONES style differ only by the amount of information printed on the cover and spine of the book

The A4 style uses the standard style of cover, but is for the A4 paper size, which is commonly used in Europe.

Cost Chart

Style1 copy2 Copies3 Copies4 copiesEach additional

Please contact us for large quantities as we may be able to work out a special price for you.

For all hardcover binding styles, reinforcement is necessary if the thesis is thicker than 1.5 inches. The surcharge for reinforcement is as follows:

ThicknessCharge PER COPY
1.5 - 2 inches$6
Over 2 inches$8

Standard Style

Cover Text
  • The title of your thesis
  • Your name
  • The thesis year
Spine Text
  • Your name
  • The thesis year

Jones Style

The Jones Style is required for the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and certain Masters of Applied Science degrees. Please check with your department if a Jones Style binding is required

Cover Text
  • The title of your thesis
  • Your name
  • The degree (for example, Ph.D. Thesis)
  • The University Department (for example, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  • The University / Institution
  • The thesis year
Spine Text
  • Your name
  • 40 characters of the title (we can assist you in condensing your title to 40 characters)
  • The degree (for example, M.Eng.)
  • The thesis year

Please note: if your thesis is not an M.A.Sc. or an M. Eng. in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, a small surcharge of $5 per copy will be applied. This is due to the fact that special printing plates will have to be made.

A4 Binding

We also offer A4 binding. This is usually used in Europe and for other specific submissions.

Cover Text
  • The title of your thesis
  • Your name
  • The thesis year
Spine Text
  • Your name
  • The thesis year

Extras and Additions

We offer a number of extras that we can add to personalize your thesis and make it a special, memorable and attractive book to treasure.

  • Additional lines on the cover: $6.00 per line, per copy
  • Add the title on the spine: $7.00 per copy
  • Add the University of Toronto crest to the cover: $12.50 for the first copy, and $9 for additional copies
  • Add a ribbon: $4.00 per copy
  • Add bands to the top and bottom of the spine: $5.00 per copy
  • Add a CD pocket: $4.00 per copy

If you have specific requests, please get in touch and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Softcover Binding – No Rush Service Available

Softcover binding is a cheaper alternative to hardcover binding. There are fewer options for each type of binding. Please note that Rush Service is NOT available for any of these options.

Limp Binding – each copy $22

The front and back covers are a thick coloured card, and the spine is a black cloth strip.

Cover colours available: Light blue, grey, and green

The title page will be reproduced on the front cover. There is no printing on the spine

Coil Binding – each copy $12

We offer Coil binding services. This is stronger and more durable than Cerlox binding, and is our recommendation for the lowest price-point binding.

The front cover is a transparent, clear plastic cover sheet so your title page shows through. The back cover is thick card stock.

Cerlox Binding – each copy $12

We also offer the popular Cerlox (or "comb") binding.

The front cover is a transparent, clear plastic cover sheet so your title page shows through. The back cover is thick card stock.