Thesis Printing & Reproduction

Do you have a thesis you want bound? Maybe you've graduated, and are after a permanent keepsake of your work, or you want to give someone a hard copy of their thesis as a gift - you have come to the right place! We will bind any thesis from any school. We often get requests from overseas and our oldest thesis was from the 1940s! We are experts in this field and will do what we can to accommodate you.

Let's Begin!

The U of T Bookstore is happy to help you create bound copies of your thesis. We can both print and bind your thesis, or bind copies of your thesis printed elsewhere.

To get an estimate of cost for this service, complete the form in the Submit Request tab. An estimate will appear at the bottom of the form based on the information you provide. If you don’t need the printing service, put in 0 for number of pages.

Once you submit the request form, and provide a print-ready PDF file of your thesis (if you want us to print it), we will confirm the pricing with you before order fulfillment.

Thesis Printing Guide

  1. Prepare a print-ready PDF file.
  2. Submit the form in the Submit Request tab. (See the Thesis Binding tab for information about that part of the form.)
  3. Send us your print-ready PDF file.
  4. Bookstore confirms pricing, and prints thesis
  5. You review the printed copies and confirm the printed thesis is ready to be bound.

Questions? Email or call 416-640-5820

Printing Specifications

For formatting and layout specification, contact your department of graduate studies. We do not keep these specifications on hand and file preparation is the author's responsibility.

Please check that your file is print ready. This includes checking the format required by your department, as well as whether pages will print in greyscale (using black printer ink) on pages where you do not want colour printing. We will check the number of colour pages prior to printing and confirm this number as part of our confirmation of pricing.

Sending your PDF

For us to print your thesis, we will need a PDF of your document. After you submit the form you can either wait for a reply from the Bookstore, or send us the PDF immediately. The pdf can be sent to us either by email (, or by using a cloud based drop site (such as DropBox). Alternately, you can bring us the file on a USB key (when the Bookstore is open for business).

Reproduction Costs

We print on a 24-lb. stock, acid free, recycled content. 20-lb stock is also available at a slightly reduced cost, but is not recommended for double-sided printing. A4 24-lb paper is also available.

Paper typeB&W, single-sidedB&W, double-sidedColour
24-lb (recommended)$0.08$0.075$0.60
20-lb$0.07Not recommended$0.59
A4 24-lb$0.12$0.115$0.64
28-lb (premium)$0.14$0.14$0.65

There is 5% tax on all these costs.

Reviewing Print Copies

Once we have printed your material, we will contact you to review the print copies prior to shipping them to the bindery.

If you elect to not review the print copies, we will need written authorization to release these to be bound. We cannot be accountable for printing issues of copies not reviewed.

Thesis Binding

For more information on our Thesis Binding service, click here.