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The ultimate reference tool and lab partner for any student of science as well as any science career professional who references the table data. With a full table on both sides we fit more data per element at this size than any other pocket periodic table on the market. Durably laminated and designed to fit as much info as possible in a handy 6-page, flat, trifold pocket format measuring 4 by 6 inches. To accomplish this, text sizes are small, so those with poor eyesight be warned, this guide is not for you. It adds no weight to the pocket, no thickness to a clipboard and can be stored practically anywhere. At this price a tool like this cannot be beat.
6 page laminated pocket-sized guide includes:
Periodic Table of the Elements – Side 1
Atomic Number
Atomic Weight
Icon for Radioactive Elements

Periodic Table of the Elements – Side 2
Atomic Number
Boiling Point
Melting Point
Oxidation States
First Ionization Potential

Physical Properties
Measurements & Units
Temperature Conversions
Types of Matter

Useful Chemical Information
Fundamental Constants
Common Chemical Reagents & Molar Mass
Common Acids & Molarity
Common Bases & Molarity
Organic Solvents

Useful Chemical Information
Properties of Inorganic Salts
Metric Conversions
Common Ions
Properties – Air, Water

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