Adobe CLP

The Adobe CLP Program is available to authorized University of Toronto and UHN departments only.


To request access to ordering please fill out the form on this page. A link to Adobe digital software installation file(s) will be provided in your license letter at no charge.

Please Note:

We do not accept cancellations or returns of CLP license seats.

Please check your order carefully before placing it. Once the order has been filled with Adobe you will be responsible for the cost of the license. Pricing subject to change.

Department Software Request
Product #Product TitleVersionProduct TypePlatformWeb List
65310735AB03A00Acrobat Professional2020LicenseMLP$174
65293529AB03A00Coldfusion Builder2018LicenseALP$223
47060202AB03A00Font Folio11.1LicenseMLP$201
47060341AB03A00Font Folio Education Essentials11LicenseMLP$84
58047505AB03A00FrameMaker Shared8LicenseUnix$492
65298821AB03A00Photoshop Elements2020LicenseMLP$58
65298877AB03A00PHSP & PREM Elements2020LicenseMLP$100
65299195AB03A00Premiere Elements2020LicenseMLP$58
65287233AB03A00Presenter Licensed11.1LicenseWin$169
65277736AB03A00Presenter Video Expr12LicenseMac$84
65277754AB03A00Presenter Video Expr12LicenseWin$84
65292942AB03A00RoboHelp Office14LicenseWindows$358

Prices subject to change without notice.

Adobe CLP Options

  • The CLP program is for authorized departments of the university and UHN hospitals only.
  • Media (software install disks) is not provided with license. Media should be ordered with first license request.
  • Only one set of media needs to be ordered for the life of the current software version. i.e., Customer can order many license seats at different times but only needs to order the media once however a set of media can be ordered for each license if the customer wants.

License Types

License = single end user license. Can be loaded on one* institutional machine only.

*Provided with Single License option only - Home Use of Adobe branded products
Notwithstanding the terms of the product license agreement, when such a product is licensed through Adobe's Open Options (CLP) licensing program, the primary user of the computer on which such software is lawfully installed may install a second copy of such software for his or her exclusive use on either a portable computer or a computer located at his or her home for the original end user sole use, provided that the software on the portable or home computer is not used at the same time as the software on the primary computer.